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November 6, 2014

World Alcohol

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Academic English2 Presentation

1. Class #87 ,Group #1

2. Glossary
(1) ferment
: If food or drink ferments, or if you ferment it, the sugar in it changes into alcohol because of a chemical process.[1]
(2) inquire
: to ask someone for information about something.[2]
(3) slogan
: a short phrase that is easy to remember and is used to make people notice something.[3]
(4) volume
: the amount of space inside an object.[4]
(5) bitter
: having a strong, sour, usually unpleasant taste.[5]

3. Text
Our presentation is about ‘World-Alcohol’.

Picture 3

First, There are many kinds of world beer.

Picture 1

We will introduce ‘Heineken’ first. It is from the Netherlands and is prefered by European. It has fresh and special bitter taste, so sometimes people feel good and bad. Second, we will introduce ‘Asahi’. It is from Japan. Because its carbonic acid is not strong, it is soft and easy to drink. Finally, we will introduce ‘Bud Weiser’. It is from the USA. Because its carbonic acid is strong, when drinking a Budweiser, it is cool.[6]
Second, Let’s know the alcohol games.

Picture 2

First of all, Let’s inquire into the “barney barney” game. The slogan of the “barney barney” is the world which rabbit come down from heaven. Then One person says the slogan the “barney barney” to any person. The person points and cries out “barney barney”. Simultaneously, the people on both sides of the person cry out “carrot carrot.”[7]
Secondly, Let‘s find out about apartment game. The participants of the apartment game raise both of their hands as they please. So, the person proposing a game calls a number. After calling a number, the person withdraw their hand. The hand at the botton is raised to the top. People call numbers as their hands change position. The person with their hand on top when the number is called is the winner.[8]
Third, There are many kinds of Korean alcohol.
First, we will introduce ‘Soju’ that is a favorite with Koreans. Soju is about 18~21% alcohol by volume, it has different names in different regions. For example, Jeolla-do calls its soju “Ipsaeju” and Gyeongsang-do calls its soju is “good day”. [9] Second, we will introduce makgeolli, which is one of best korean fermentation alcohol. It is the oldest alcohol in Korea and has an off-white and milky color. And it is made from rice, barley, wheat, etc. [10] Third, we will introduce korean beer. There are kinds of Korean beer such as Cass, Max, Hite, etc and they are about 4.5% alcohol by volume.

4. References

5. Discussion Questions
(1) Do you like Makgeolli? Why or Why not?
(2) What’s your favorite ‘World beer’? Why?
(3) What’s your favorite ‘Alcohol Game’?
(4) What’s the limit of your drinking capacity?
(5) What’s your favorite food when you drink? Why?


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