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November 7, 2014

About “Non-summit”

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Class.146, Group 4

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12132165 김은희
12132216 이희준
12132212 이혜지

Our presentation is about Non-summit. This is a recently-popular Korean entertainment program on JTBC. They discuss about various subjects every monday.[1] For example, when discussing about working moms, There are two contrasting opinions. One of them : mom may work and nurture simultaneously. Another is that mom has to be devoted to nurturing. When discussing about cellphone-holics, that is a bad habit or as time goes on it is a natural change.


This program consist of 3 Korean MCs, 11 foreign panelists and 1 Korean guest. 3 MCs are announcer Jeon Hyeon Mu, comedian Yu Se Yun, and singer Sung Si Gyueng. 11 panelists are as follows : He is Takuya, a member of boy group Cross Gene. He is from Japan. He is an academic chinese teacher, Zhang Yu’an. He is from China. He is Guillaume, a progamer in his 20’s. He is from Canada. He is Sam , a broadcaster. He is from Ghana. He is Enes, a movie actor. He is from Turkey. He is Julian, a broadcaster. He is from Belgium. He is Robin, a broadcaster. He is from France. He is Alberto, a bussiness man. He is from Italy. He is Daniel, a bussiness man. He is from Germany. He is Daniel, a model and from Australia. He is Tyler, a graduate student and he’s from U.S. [2]
This program has many benefits for panelists and viewers. Many panels made comercials such as, 8seconds, Subway and so on.[3] Through this, they earn much money. And they are increasing awareness by being reported on magazines.[4] Specially, Enes and Julian were broadcast on another entertainment program. In addition, viwers can know about another country’s culture, and a variety of opinions from other foreigners. Also This program can promote Korea to foreigners. For example, we can see this program translated into other languages on You tube.


However, it also has a few problems. First, There is an imbalance of opinion for two reason. Above all, panelists have imbalance of appearance time. Enes and Julila n appear long periods of time, while Guillaume and Daniel from Australia has less appearance time. Also, now there are more panelists that are from western countries than eastern countries. So viewer listen to more progressive opinions than conservative opinions. After all, we can not help listerning to biased opinion. Besides, recently this program is making a big issue, when Japanese guest appeared a song called Kimigayo was played two times which means that it was not simple mistake.


because this song symbolizes the militarism of Japan, which is similar to the Nazism of Germany[5], after liberty day of Korea, this song has never been played. some people don’t think seriously about this problem, with this problem, we know that we are not interested in history, so people have to be aware of this problem’s seriousness

● Glossary

-Nurture : you care for a young child or a young plant while it is growing and developing.
-Biased : favoring one person or side over another.
-Progressive : favoring or promoting progress
-conservative : resistant to change
-Militarism : a political orientation of a people or a government to maintain a strong
military force and to be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.

● References

Non-Summit Homepage

-Wikipedia [1]

-Naver blog [2]

As Non-Summit have broadcasted, What are benefits you think except what we said?

As we said, What do you think about subject working moms?

Do you think Non-Summit should be abolished or not abolished, why?

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