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November 7, 2014

About the Walt Disney Company

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1. Class 146 / group 2 / Members’ names 임문수, 공성욱, 오승택 and 김형철
2. Glossary
– take over (phrasal verb) : to get control of something
– distributor (noun) : an organization that supplies goods to shops and companies
– expel (verb) : to make someone leave a school, organization, or country
– address (verb) : to speak or write to someone
– mystique (noun) : a quality of being special in a mysterious and attractive way
3. Text

Hi everyone. Our presentation topic is about Disney Company

Picture 1

Almost all people know what Disney is. But they don’t know well about history of Disney. In early 1923, Walt Disney and Roy Disney who are brothers established animation studio. In the same year, the animation studio created a short film named “Alice’s Wonderland” that is the first film of Disney Company.
At first time, the studio name was not “The Walt Disney Company” but “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio”. In 1986, the studio name was changed to “Walt Disney Productions”. [1]
Disney Company has produced 53 movies from 1923 to 2014. Disney Company doesn’t make movies only. They started from animations, now they have a lot of field such as radios, music, online media, drama and publication etc.
Today, the Disney studio is one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, because Disney Company takes over a lot of other companies such as Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm Etc. [2]


Picture 2

Do you know ‘The Lion King’, ‘Tarzan’, ‘Tangled’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Frozen’? These are animation movies madeby Disney. Today, Disney is one of the most famous animation film distributors. Now, I’ll introduce some Disney movies that will make your heart warmly.
Do you want to build a snowman? As you know, that song is the part of ‘Frozen’. Frozen is an animation movie about princess Elsa and her sister Anna. Elsa has strange power that makes everything freeze. She doesn’t like her power because when she was young she hurt her sister Anna by her mistake. When Elsa grows up and be an adult, she goes to the coronation. During the coronation, she uses her power in front of everyone, by mistake. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone to her magic, so she gets away from there. Anna goes to Elsa for persuading her sister. Unfortunately, Elsa harms her sister again. Anna goes to small troll who knows magic well, and she heard how to defrost her heart and how control her sister’s power. The answer is ‘true love’. That movie’s true love is not man and woman’s love. They told us ‘True love’ is sacrificing us for other people.
‘Frozen’ scored the best-selling Animation Movie. This movie gathered $ 400 million in North America, and gathered $ 248 million in Japan. Including North America and Japan, they earned more than $1.3 billion profits. [3]
Second Movie is ‘The Lion King’. The Lion King is the story of ‘pride land’ and one lion who called ‘Simba’. His farther, ‘Mufasa’ is the greatest lion leader. Also, simba has uncle who called ‘Scar’. Scar doesn’t Like Mufasa, because Scar wants to sit on the throne instead of his brother. So, he makes a plan for killing his brother. After Mufasa was died, Scar became a king and Simba expelled in ‘pride land’ by his uncle. Simba wanders around desert and Fainting. He was founded by ‘Timon’ and ‘Pumbaa’.
(They also famous characters made by Disney. Even in some Animation, they are main characters!)
Anyway, Simba and his friends are come back to the ‘pride land’ for fighting his uncle and get back the throne.
‘The Lion King’ is most famous handmade Animation. This movie got prizes more than ten times. This movie also made for computer game and TV Animation programs. [4]

Disney Land

Picture 3

Disney Company has many special places such as Walt Disney world and Disney Land. Disney Land is one of the most popular theme parks. That was built by Walt Disney in 1955. Disney Land built why Walt Disney was bored normal theme park. First Disney Land is located California. Disney Land visits not only children but also adults. 70% of visitors are adults. Disney Land’s income is more than one trillion annually.
Disney Land is divided into as follows: Adventure Land, New Orleans Square, Frontier Land, Critter Country, Fantasy Land, Mickey’s Toontown and Tomorrow Land. Adventure Land has Tarzan’s treehouse and explores jungle. Frontier Land has big thunder Mountain Railroad, Mark Twain Riverboat etc. New Orleans Square has Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Critter Country has Splash Mountain. Fantasy Land has King Arthur’s Merry-Go-Around. Mickey’s Toontown has Mickey mouse’s house. Tomorrow Land has Space Mountain, Innovation, Star Tour etc. [5]
As time goes by many Disney land is built all over the world. Disney World and Tokyo Disney land etc. Disney World was built in 1971. Disney World’s scale is a hundred times bigger than Disney land. Disney World is located Florida. Tokyo Disney land was built in 1983. [6]

The Disney movies are famous for wonderful scenery, impressing story and also beautiful O.S.T. I’ll introduce some Disney’s O.S.T.
Firstly, ‘Tale as old as time’ by ‘Beauty And The Beast’. This song describes the relationship between Belle and the Beast. In the movie, the song shows how it has managed to transform them, allowing their friendship to grow.
The song made by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken was the recipient of several awards, including both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Original Song in 1991. [7], [8]
Secondly, ‘A whole new world’ by ‘Aladdin’. You might listen it, ‘a whole new world~’. This song is made by Tim Rice and Alan Menken. The song shows between Aladdin and Jasmine about the new world they are going to discover together while riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet.
It won many prizes. Academy Award for Best Original Song and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song in 1992 and Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1994. [9], [10]
Lastly, ‘Circle of life’ that is opening song of ‘Lion King’. The song made by Elton John and Tim Rice starts with Zulu vocals and expresses mystique of Mother Nature with ethnic pop. And orchestra performs grand and large scale music. [11]
Because of the movie’s impact, the song ‘Circle of Life’ has been being selected as the best Disney O.S.T. [12]

4. References
[Figure 1]
[Figure 2]
[Figure 3]

5. Discussion questions
(1) Have you even seen Disney movies? How did you feel?
(2) What is your favorite Disney character? Why?
(3) If you were born again, what character do you want to be?


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