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November 7, 2014

All About Fashion Styles

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1. class#116, group#3, 강유진, 김공아, 오세현, 허민수

2. Glossary
sensual: relating to physical pleasure, often sexual pleasure

seductive: sexually attractive

stature: your height

overall: considering everything or everyone

functional: operating or working correctly

3. Text
Our presentation subject is all about fashion styles. Fashion is a trend that changes with the times. There are simple, cute, sexy, and comfortable styles. It is usually included by media source.
First, simple style is defined as easy, basic, and ordinary clothes. For example, these days, man mostly wear white shirts & black slacks or sweater & blue jeans. Women mostly wear white shirts & A-line skirts or V-neck t-shirts & skinny jeans. Simple styles typical brand is Uniqlo, 8seconds, and so on. [1]


Second, cute style has lovely and sweetly images. It is well-matched with small-stature people or baby-faced people. For example, dotted clothes or overall pants/skirt or big hood t-shirt. Cute style’s typical brand is Feltics or Pancoat. [2]


Third, sexy style is seductive and sensual style. Generally, this style exposes one’s body and has tight clothes. For example, see through clothes, or mini skirt, or tight t-shirt/sleeveless shirt. Dohn Christhopher Depp and Megan Denise Fox are well matched with this style. [3]


Finally, comfortable style is comfy and active style. So, people manly wear these clothes when exercising or going out for a walk. For example, training clothes or functional clothes…etc. Especially, in university, students wear university jackets and training pants.
Aside from this style, style has a lot of style. Because fashion is constantly changed. In other words, correct answer of fashion doesn’t exist.


5.Discussion Questions
1. Which fashion styles do you like? why?
2. What do you think of recent fashion trends?
3. How do you get fashion information?


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