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November 7, 2014


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1. Class #146, Group #6, group members’ names: 한승미, 박성하, 김연정, 장은주

2. Glossary
1) festival: a series of special events, performances, etc that often takes place over several days
2) kiosk: a small building with a window where things like tickets or newspapers are sold
3) global: relating to the whole world
4) charcoal: a hard, black substance that is produced by burning wood without much air, and that is used as fuel or for drawing
5) specialty: a product, skill, etc that a person or place is especially known for

3. Text
Our presentation is about festival. There are many festivals. However, we have 3 large ones. First, we will introduce university festivals. Recently, we had a university festival.

Inha university festival

We saw Girls day and Yoon-ha. We saw not only idol groups but also opened alcohol kiosks. Many students drank alcohol and went to club party. Second, we will introduce global festivals. This year, ‘Global Music Festival’ was held in Seoul and ‘World cup of soccer’ was held in Brazil.[1]

Brasil world cup photo

Many people enjoy these festivals. A few days ago, October 31, was Halloween!

Holloween photo

Halloween represent the United States, many westerners enjoy this festival. It is a festival which people enjoy with ghost and monster make up, many people enjoy Halloween together in Hong-dae’s main street. There is another famous global festival in October. It is ‘Oktoberfest’ which is held in Germany.[2] Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world, and it is also one of the three largest global festivals. In Korea, a beer company releases a special edition to celebrate this festival during this season every year since 2009. Besides university and global festivals, there are local festivals. People make an effort at energizing local festivals because if the local festival is launched successfully, it can help the local economy. Sutbulgui Festival and Boryeong mud festival are famous for being typical local festivals. Gwangyang Sutbulgui festival is held October every year in Gwangyang.[3] It is tasteable festival with the charcoal-broiled beef for which Gwangyang is noted. During the festival, a variety of restaurants sell charcoal-broiled beef, broiled eels, and other various foods that are famous in Gwangyang. Boryeong mud festival is a festival where you can enjoy massages and various kinds of games using Boryeong’s specialty, mud.[4] It is a tourist experiential festival so visitors can have a broad variety of experiences. The festival is held around the middle of July every year since 1998.

4. References
2014 FIFA World Cup – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5. Discussion Questions
1) Did you had fun during our university festival this year? Why or Why not?
2) Do you know other global festivals?
3) Who’s your favorite soccer player who participated World Cup this year?
4) Did you experience other local festivals?


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