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November 7, 2014

Global Amusement Parks

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1. GEB1106/116#GROUP5#곽진승,리사우,리효가,박경수
2. Traditional
-following the customs or ways of behaving that have continued in a group of people or society for a long time.
-relating to or involving two or more countries.
-full of ideas, energy, and enthusiasm
-extremely small.
-a complicated system of paths where you can easily become lost.
Hello everyone, we’re GROUP5. Today, we’ll talk about Global Amusement Parks.
First, we will introduce Global Amusement Parks in Korea. EVERLAND and LOTTEWORLD are the most famous parks in korea. EVERLAND was built in kyung-ki Young-in province in 1976. There are 41 rides in it. The most popular ride is ‘T-express’. It was made of wood. And it drives at 104km/h. It goes down at on angle of 77 degrees.[1] The next one is the ‘Let’s twist’. It goes up and down and right and left twist. It’s very crazy. The second park is LOTTEWORLD.


There is a very special place on the third floor named FLOKLORE MUSEUM. You can study the history and experience cultural differences in it. And there are many beautiful models of traditional Korean homes and palaces in the pavilion and model village. And the next interesting thing is the festivities of LOTTEWOLRD. Every season they hold the ‘mask carnival’, Rio Samba Carnival. Halloween Party, Christmas Party, and so on.[2] There’ very amusing.
The next one, we will talk about Chinese Amusement parks. Two of the most famous Amusement Parks are ‘window of the world’ and ‘happy valley’. First, I will introduce the ‘window of the world’. It is located in ‘Guangdong’ Province. That park has famous historical cities, ancient and modern wonders of the world. Folk song and dance fused artificial theme park. It’s really miraculous. The park is divided into squares of the world : Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, Europe and international street[3]. Altogether, there are 8 theme areas in it. You’ll absolutely have a great time in it. Second, I will introduce the ‘Happy valley’. It is located in ‘ShangHai’.


The ‘Happy Valley’ is a dynamic, fashionable, fun, fantastic theme park. It can take you back to the last century of the old ShangHai. Brick grey walls, stone windows and doors, old-style fire hydrants, rickshaws, and old mailboxes must make you fascinated. It includes hundreds of entertainment and ornamental itmes and 12 top amusement equipment.[4] It’s amazing. Welcome to china to play in these amusement parks. You will love them.
And next we will talk about amusement parks in America. There are two famous amusement parks. One of them is Six Flags Great Adventure, which is located in New Jersey.[5] This park is called heaven of the roller coaster and only open during peak season like summer.[6] There are many roller coasters with the various themes. Especially they have a roller coaster that falls at the fastest speeds and is the highest in the world, the highest swing rides and 125m fall rides.
The other is California Legoland.[7]


Legoland is smaller Disneyland and Universal studio but from entrance to inside it is decorated with lego.[8] Also all over the world famous cities and harbors are reproduced in miniature.[9] In this place, we feel like Gulliver. This theme park has rides for children and their families. So we maybe feels childish.
Next, we will talk about amusement parks in Japan. There are two famous parks. One of them is Tokyo Disneyland. Actually, it replicated ‘USA Disney land’. in California.[10] In, Disney land, there’s a five Theme areas. Among them, ‘fantasy world’, and cartoon town’ are the most popular. In fantasy land, you can enjoy ‘mickey-mouse concert’ and have fun with characters in disney land. In (car)Toon town, literally, you can watch cartoon character’s house, and town. besides, you can take a picture with mickey mouse.[11]. Finally, you could ride a Ferris wheel to look on the entire toon town. The next one is FUJI-Q-HIGHLAND, it was named after the mountain ‘Fuji’. This Amusement park has many scary rides. People says, ‘4 scream machine’. first, ‘FUJIYAMA’ which is listed in the Guinness Book of Records for having 2,045m rail, 130km/h maximum speed, 14times 360′ spin.[12] next is DAKABISHA that has 121′ angle when it fall down. Another is EHEHJHANAIKA and DODONPA. DODONPA can get up to a speed of 172km/h.[13] furthermore, you can find a haunted house, named ‘tremble maze'[14].. it can gives you extreme fear.
That’s all. Thanks.

4. References
5. Discussion Questions

1. Which park do you like best? Why?
2. Have you ever been to one of them?
3. Can you ride a rollercoaster? If not, why not?


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