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November 7, 2014

Hidden best taste house and menus around Inha University.

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Forgot to add: Class #146, Group #3 (and out of place)

12091255 박다성
12092432 윤미진
12100696 박종익
12143532 이현정

Hidden best taste house and menus around Inha University.
How many best restaurants do you know?
We will recommend you guys the best restaurants sorting by 5 different tastes.


1st taste: Sweet taste
[1]Do you guys know ‘Very Donut’? It is around Inha gas station.
The merit of ‘Very Donut’ is that they bake new donuts day by day, but donuts are all sold out by afternoon.

2nd taste: Sour
[2]You guys must have ever been to Caffe Bene.
What menus did you order?
We will introduce you guys the hidden menu.
The hidden menu is called ‘Real Vita Tea.’
Real Vita Tea is a tea that is made of grapefruit, lemon and lime.
This drink has full of vitamins included so it is great for our health.

3rd taste: Salty
Do you like Japanese noodle?
I will introduce the best Japanese noodle restaurant.
[3]This place is called ‘San Jjo me(산쪼메).’ ?(Japanese)
Noodles are a little salty that you can feel the Japanese taste.
There is a menu called ‘Jumbo Ramen’ which is a huge noodle.
I recommend you to go there when you are very hungry.

4th taste: Spicy
Even there are some people who don’t like this food, but since I find it very tasty, I will recommend this food called ‘Jokbal(족발).’
The restaurant is called as ‘Jok-Sarang(족사랑).’
This place is near Catholic Church around Inha University.
They grill jokbal like barbeque.
It is very tasty, but you get addicted to that spicy taste.

5th taste: Bitter taste
Do you know a place called ‘연꽃마을(yeon-kkot-maeul)?’
They sell unique drinks.
They sell drink called Bamboo liquor.
Bamboo liquor has bamboo taste.
It is located near Inha Glasses Store.
When you get bored of soju and beers, you are highly recommended to go there.

1.have you thought about the food cost ofrestaurants located in Inha university’s back_gate?
how can they make and provide very cheaply compared whth other restaurants?

some restaurants use low quality ingredients to maintain
reasonable price so we have to consider seriously before seduced by their sugar-coated price of foods

2.what do you think about “reuse of foods”?


several years ago, some restaurants of inha University were issued because of “foods reuse problems”
this problem is clearly illegal, but it was done continuely to save and reduce prime costs many students who don’t know about this fact visit that restaurants frequently

3.what is the concept of ‘real restaurant’?

we think that ‘real restaurant has to have not only good taste but also good
that restaurants will be trustworthy and must loved by all student’s of inha University
do you have your own hidden restaurants?


1. recommend :
B1 to say that someone or something is good or suitable for a particular purpose:
Can you recommend a good wine to go with this dish?
She has been recommended for promotion.
B2 to advise someone that something should be done:
The judge is likely to recommend a long jail sentence.
[+ that] The report recommended that tourists avoid the region.
The recommended dose is two tablets every four hours.

2. include :
A2 to have something or someone as part of something larger or more general, such as a group, price, or process:
His books include the best-selling novel ‘The Foundling’.
The price includes flights and three nights’ accommodation.
› to allow someone to take part in an activity:
[often passive] Local residents were included in the initial planning discussions.

3. several :
some; an amount that is not exact but is fewer than many:
I’ve seen ‘Gone with the Wind’ several times.
Several people have complained about the plans.
Several of my friends are learning English at language schools in Cambridge.

4. ingredient :
a food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish:
The list of ingredients included 250 g of almonds.
B2 one of the parts of something successful:
Trust is a vital ingredient in a successful marriage.

5. maintain :
maintain verb [T] (CONTINUE TO HAVE)
B2 to continue to have; to keep in existence, or not allow to become less:
The army has been brought in to maintain order in the region.
We have standards to maintain.
Despite living in different countries, the two families have maintained close links.
The film has maintained its position as the critics’ favourite for another year.
maintain verb [T] (KEEP IN GOOD CONDITION)

B2 to keep a road, machine, building, etc. in good condition:
A large house costs a lot to maintain.
The roads around the town have been very poorly maintained.

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