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November 7, 2014

Inha University’s Interesting Spots

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1. 146, 8, 김민혁, 위현민, 김태양

(1) Spot : (n) A place.
(2) Clinic : (n) A place where people go for medical treatment or advice.
(3) Treatment : (n) Something that you do to try to cure an illness or injury, especially something suggested or done by a doctor
(4) Echo : (v) If a sound echoes, or a place echoes with a sound, you hear the sound again because you are in a large, empty space
(5) Machine : (n) A piece of equipment with several moving parts that uses power to do a particular type of work

3. Our presentation is about “Inha university’s interesting spots”.
There are many interesting spots in Inha university.
First spot is “비룡 plaza” that has hair shop, clinic, video room in library.
Hair shop has a long history in Inha university.
The shop is cheaper than other hair shops.
But the place’s hair designer is old man.
So he cuts our hair too much army style.
Next place is a clinic that gives simple treatment on free, if you are student in Inha university!
The other place is library.
The place has many book, and DVDs.
And we can watch DVDs in the library, because the library has video rooms.
Video rooms are cozy and comfy.
Second spot is “하이데거’s forest” that has many beautiful places.[1]


하이데거’s forest has different sights to see each season(spring, summer, fall, winter)
Next to the forest is “울림돌” which is stone.
This stone makes an echo.
And Air plane is “Couple tree”.
Couples sit on the tree if they can sit there, they are a good couple.
[2]Third spot is “인경호”.


At “인경호”, there are ducks.
There ducks are had secret story.
They are machine. very shocking! I’m kidding!
[3]Finally spot is “나빌레관”.


It is a collection of circles!
Many circles in Inha university is had to “나빌레관”
If you want join to anything circle, you go to “나빌레관”.

[3]taken photo,

(1)What your favorite place in Inha university? Why?
(2)How about think of “인경호” condition?
(3)Do you went to “울림돌”? How about feel it?


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