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November 7, 2014

Introducing Our Major

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Class 146.
GROUP 1. (12143899 이병관. 12143890 이소미. 12143886 김하정.)

Our presentation is about ‘Introducing Our Major, Visual Communication Design.
We study in the 서호관 building, which is next to the 5호관 building.
We have four main professor in our major.
First profesor is 강현주 professor.
She teaches ‘History of Design’ and ‘Local social of Design’.
Second professor is 조영민 professor.
He teaches ‘Identity Design’.
Third professor is 주마나몽 professor.
He changed his name. Beacause He loves Animation so much.
This name means ‘Animation’ in Chinese
Final professor is 성상희 professor.
She teaches ‘English for Design’, which speaks taught in English.

Now, We will introduce about First year classes.
First, ‘History of Design’ is a theory class.
This class is basic for Design, so very important class.
Next classes are practical classes.
First practical class is Drawing.
Drawing is basic for art.
We draw nude croquis this class, which involves nude models

드로잉 모음

Second practical class is ‘Illustration’

일러스트 모음

Illustration is the harder Drawing class.
The goal of this class is to show our creativity and self processes.
Class topic is our stories that’s show our works.
Third practical class is ‘Principle of Design’

디원 가구만들기

We learned similar Design company’s work in class.
We used to photoshop and illustrator program.
Final practical class is ‘photo and moving&still’, which is we study standard technique of take a picture and moving effect over the moving program over moving effect.

Finally, we will intruduce about exhibition.
First exhibition is a project exhibition.
This exhibition is all student participate withal homework.
This time exhibition is 비룡plaza 6 layer when November 24~ November 29.
Second exhibition is graduation exhibition.
This year graduation exhibition open in GangNam 루미나리에 gallery.
We finish ppt before see the VCD introduce movie.
Let’s see!!!

Thank you

Q. Do you understand VCD?
Q. Do you want major meeting with our major student?
Q. Do you want VCD friends?

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