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November 7, 2014

Is there music that impresses you?

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Forgot to add: Class #116, Group #4

12100807 고명성
12103852 김민욱
12120000 최진혁
12142249 한상훈

– spiritual culture : relating to deep feelings and beliefs, especially religious beliefs
– graffiti : [NOUN] Graffiti is words or pictures that are written or drawn in public places, for example on walls or posters.
– go-su : go-su is playing barrel drum during story telling in pansori.
– Secular music : Secular music is non-religious music. Secular means being separate from religion. (Not associated or concerned with religion)
– symphony : [NOUN] A symphony is a piece of music written to be played by an orchestra. Symphonies are usually made up of four separate sections called movements.

Is there music that impresses you?
There are many kinds of music. For example, Pop, Classical, Hip-hop, Traditional music, etc

Pop music

First, There are genre of ‘pop’ that is loved by populace.
Pop means popular music and It is difficult to define pop music exactly.
Pop music that begin to 1960’s has loved until now. It has various genre for example, pop balad, blues, jazz, folk, etc
Also, There are many worldwide famous people In the pop artists.
For example, The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Beyonce, Maroon5, etc
Especially, Beatles’s ‘let it be’ or Michael Jackson’s ‘Billie jean’ is billion seller. Their sales are nonsense.[1]

classical music1

Next, Look at classical music.
Classical music that loved down the age is classic.
It has a difference that is slow tempo and sedate rhythm between Classical music with Recently music. But there can be exeptions.
Generally, If some people hear the ‘classical music’, they feel so ‘difficult’ because of unfamiliar title name such as ‘symphony’, ‘Concerto’, ‘Sonata’, etc
In the middle ages, Mainly genre of classic was enjoyed by aristocracy. So populace not approached to classical music.
Such culture fall tradition, It was made this prejudice.
Classical music is not boring but truthful and permanent.
Actually, we come into contact with classical musics.
For example, Beethoven’s 3rd symphony ‘hero’, ‘romance’, Tchaikovsky’s ‘Le lac des cygne’ are already familiar with us.[2]

Perhaps, Do you know genre of Hip-hop?
Hip-hop has dynamic sounds beginning in 1980’s in America. And hip-hop consists of lab DJ, graffiti, break dance, etc.
But, there are a lot of people have a prejudice against hip-hop.
They think Rapper sing the Incomprehensible tyrics still wearing big, loose clothes.
Since hip-hop is a liberal, generous and unstoppable culture of young generation.
Some of them consider hip-hop is show that informal people do.
And in large part of rap use slang excessively they regard hip-hop as uncivilized people’s job.
Hip-hop is a genre that is not developed popularity mainly. So this sense of distance moderns have felt may seem naturally.
But above thoughts are just misunderstanding.
Hip-hop is important genre of music and has grown into a huge culture can not be ruled out.
Hip-hopper say that ‘Hip-hop is a symbol of freedom and improvisation, not to show to others. And it is not anything that anyone’s but anything that person’s who does hip hop’.
Therefore, we should not interpret hip-hop as culture or music that is appropriate for us but understand their own culture or music and acknowledge a genre of music.[3]

tradition music

Finally, Let’s take a look at traditional musics.
Generally, traditional music is specific music including some culture or nation.
There are Pansori, Sa-mul-no-ri, Korean tradition opera, etc in koreaa traditional musics.
Pansori is story telling music that one speaker with go-su who made rhythm tapping Korean durm.
It is reflected old age situations because it songs to populace’s life. So it is valuable in cultural.
Sa-mul-no-ri consists of ‘small gong, barrel drum, hourglass durm, large gong’ and four people having each one make a harmony of rhythm. Sa-mul-no-ri is characterized by rhythmical tempo and rapid beats. Because this music was played for overcoming to hard farming during poor timing.
But, traditional music is not loved by populace because of monotonous rhythm and boring melody recently.
So recently, So called ‘fusion music’ mixing tradition music with modern music appear to populace was appeared.
For example, Seo-tae-ge’s ‘Ha-yeo-ga’ , SG wanabe’s ‘Arirang’ , etc
Througth this, we will preserve traditional musics and culture reflecting that.[4]



– Why do you think traditional music is being forgotten by the general public recently?

– Why do you think classical music is unapproachable?

– Do you have negative impressions of hip hop? why or why not?


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