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November 7, 2014

Seoul’s Hot Spots

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1. class 116 group 6 송기훈, 신혜수
2. Glossary
1)saturate – to put as much of a substance that dissolves into a solution as is possible
2)exotic – unusual, interesting, and often foreign
3)ignite – to start to burn or make something start to burn
4)locality – a particular area
5)gratify – to please someone or satisfy their wishes or needs
Seoul is largest city in south korea and South Korea’s capital. Seoul has the most residents and floating populations. So seoul has many attractive hot spots. Each spot has respective feature. From now on, we introduce each spot.
Insa-dong in Jongro represent South Korea’s culture. Because in insa-dong, Makgeolli pubs and traditional tea shops are located in insa-dong. And many Korean Houses are in insa-dong. we can experience Korean tradition, eat foods and put on traditional korean costumes. So Insa-dong’s other name is street of culture heritage. Also we can buy antiques and traditional arts in Ssamji-gil. Ssamji-gil is not road but building. It is ㄷ shape building.


In jongro, other hot spot exist. That is Daehak-ro. Daehak-ro is street of Art. there are many theatrical companies. we can enjoy various dramas. So many couples go to Daehak-ro for date.
Itaewon in Yongsan-gu is famous for foreign cultures. There are saturated with foreign people. so Itaewon is developed exotic cultures. If we go Itaewon, we will meet many foreign friends and experience different cultures and exotic foods. And rising hot spot is located in Itaewon. It’s Gyungridan street. Gyungridan street has many foreign restaurants , pubs and street foods. Also guest houses are located in Gyungridan street. So we can experience unusual night with foreign friends coming for trip.
Hongdae in Mapo-gu is the street of youth. Hong dae has many pubs, restaurants and clibs. So young people usually go to Hongdae on weekends. and they ignite a fire of their youth in Hongdae. Also many underground musicians perform their music. So Hongdae’s other name is street of art.
Garosoo street in Sinsa-dong is street of fashion. There are ginkgo trees on either sides of the street. And there are many select shops, famous restaurants and cafes. Also we can see models or celebrities in Garosoo street. But recently, Serosoo street is rinsing too. Serosoo street is located behind the Garosoo street. There are many restaurants and cafes too.
Myung-dong in Jung-gu is very popular place to koreans and foreign tourist. There are brand shops and shoes shops. Recently, many japanese and chinese tourists are shopping in Myung-dong. And we can go to Namsan tower by bus. In Namsan tower, we can not only see beautiful night wiews, but also enjoy delicious food and fasten a lock. So couples, friends and families visit Namsan tower.
Last, Han river park is located in many different spot. But Han river park in Youido is especially famous. So this park is always crowded with people. In this place, many people exercise, talk, sleep and eat.
Apart from these places, various attractive places exist in seoul. So we think you should have go to seoul’s celebrated localities. If you go to these places, you will gratified with these places.
5.Discussion Questions
1)Have you ever been to seoul? where?
2)Where do you want to go to in seoul? why?
3)Where do you want to recommend other place in seoul?

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