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November 7, 2014

Tasty Food of Inha University

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class: 146, group: SEVEN, member; 12143915 안지혜

I found a places that have tasty food neer Inha university.
(1). 닭살부부


This place is rotisserie chicken and pork neck are popular menu items. Especially it’s grilled pork neck is famous. Really, soft and chewy texture because it is roosted with electricity. it is baked on the grill you can eat it in the warm condition for a long time.
location is…..
(2). 봉실봉실


You think balance of chicken and 떡볶이(stir-fried rice cake)? The taste is better than we thought. If you don’t hurry that food will be sold-out because direct curring and cook for ourselves in restaurant. Chicken is so crunchy that great chewy texture and it was not oily dipping 떡볶이 sauce
Location is… tip : Rice and sauce mix is very well
(3). 탕공


this place is a new chinese restaurant. the present, famous of student because good price and amount food. particularly sweet and sour pork is recommended. It’s is crunchy texture because of fried sweet rice and pork. All menu items highly recommend!
Location is… Tip: personally, creb meat fried rice is sooooooo delicious.

Q. what is your favorite restaurant near INHA Unv.?
Q. Have your ever been in this place?
Q. What kind of menu items the most delicious food?


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