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November 7, 2014

The “Rubber Duck campaign for peace.”

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Forgot to add: Group #2

Class : 116
Group member’s : 서희정((12143324) 김진희(12143311) 박다윤(12142320)

1. slogan : a short phrase that is easy to remember and is used to make people notice something
2. boundary : a line that divides two areas or forms an edge around an area
3. agenda : important subjects that have to be dealt with
4. discrimination : unfair treatment of someone because of their sex, race, religion, etc
5. display : a collection of objects or pictures arranged for people to look at

The “Rubber Duck campaign for peace.”

Our presentation is about the Rubber Duck campaign for peace. Rubber Duck campaign was started by a Dutch artist. He name is Hofman.


He is installation artist. He displayed tale installation art such as ‘Big yellow Rabbit’ , ‘Fat Monkey’ , ‘Look-out Rabbit’ etc.. as well as the Rubber Duck all around the world.[1] Hofman said “My work of art gives you chaos and surprises. Also It gives you a break. People who were walking or riding a bike stop and have a talk with each other.” The reason that he made the Rubber Duck is to spread hope and peace to all of the world’s people.[2] This tour’s formal title is “Spreading joy around the world.” And the slogan is that the Rubber Duck is “No Boundaries, No Political Agenda.” and “No discrimination.”. ‘Rubber Duck project’ was first displayed in France, 2007. The Rubber Duck’s size was 26m. After that, The Rubber Duck toured around to the Netherlands, Japan, Austrailia, China and Brazil.[3]


Especilaly, China imposed on entrance fee of 30 yuan. So China earned two hundred million yuan from it.[4] Now, It is displayed in korea, seok-chon Lake. The Rubber Duck’s weight is 1000kg and height is 16.5m. The work floated on Seok-chon Lake from October 14th to November 14th.[2] There are many parodies of the Rubber Duck.


For example, there are the Rubber Duck’ parodies that the Rubber Duck is drinking coke and soju. In addition, many various parodies are being made continuously.[5]


Discussion Questions
1. What do you think of The Rubber Duck Campaign’s impact?
2. Have you ever seen a Rubber Duck? How do you feel?
3. Have you ever joined a campaign such as The Rubber Duck? How was it?


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