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April 10, 2015

Mid-term Exam

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Mid-term Exam
You will give a presentation. Its maximum length will be 3 or 4 minutes. You will talk about the following two things:

* Talk about the advantages and disadvantages of one of the technologies below:

– the Internet
– mobile phones
– Internet TV
– 3D TV
– cars that work without a driver
– robot surgeons

Give your opinions by using phrases for “Giving Opinions” and give reasons by using conjunctions like “as” and “because of.”

Talk about both advantages and disadvantages by using conjunctions such as “as well as,” “on the other hand,” and “whereas.”

* Choose one of these tasks and tell people how to do it.

(There are now more choices. You can also choose your own task.)

– make a cup of tea or coffee
– change the oil or wheel of a car
– send an e-mail on a mobile phone
– sew on a button
– cook one of your favorite dishes
– do part of a K-pop dance[1]
– start and drive a car
– dry your hair
– apply your makeup
– wash dishes
– have the perfect date

 Remember to use the Imperative verb form.
 Remember to use Adverbs of Sequence (first of all, firstly, to start with, next, then, after that, at the end, finally, to finish).
 No reading. No Power Point presentations. Just you talking.

[1] Example (starts at 1 minute 18 seconds of the video):

First of all, turn your body to the left or to the right so that your shoulder is forward.
Next, put your arm out straight. Your palm faces the audience.
Then, move your hand back and forth.
After that, make a circle with your hand.
Next, lift your knee. At the same time, bend your body towards that knee. Repeat on the other side.
Finally, hold up your index finger and move it back and forth.

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