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September 18, 2015

Unit 3: Possible Material for Surprise Quiz

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* Vocabulary (Page 52, Exercise 1 and Page 53, Exercise 2)

Also …

boarding school: (noun) a ​school where ​students ​live and ​study

canteen: (noun) a restaurant in an office, factory, or school (“cafeteria” in North America)

civil servant: (noun) someone who works in a government department

mind: (verb) to be annoyed or worried by something

revise: (verb) to study a subject before you take a test

* Stress Patterns:

Be able to say how many syllables a word has, and which syllable is stressed (Page 54, Exercise 2)

* Be able to write sentences that express purpose (Page 56, Exercises 7 and 8)

* Verb Patterns (Page 58, Exercises 6 and 7, and Page 59, Exercise 8)

* Phrases for “Giving Your Opinion,” “Agreeing,” and “Disagreeing” (Page 65, Exercise 5)


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