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October 6, 2015

Unit 5: Possible Material for Quiz

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* Vocabulary (Page 88, Exercises 2 and 3 // Page 95, Exercise 3)

* Verb Patterns (Page 94, Exercises 4, 5, and 6)

* Giving Instructions

–> How to make the sign for “happy” (Page 98)
–> How to set the alarm on a mobile phone (Page 99)
–> How to prepare a photocopier (Page 100)
–> How to send an instant message (Page 197)

* Parts of Speech

Give the part of speech for the underlined words.


1. The science laboratories are on the first floor.
2. Homework is important because I want to pass my exams.
3. Robots were not used so much in the past as robots were expensive.
4. When I switch on my laptop, it takes a long time to start.
5. My cell-phone doesn’t have it touchscreen, it has keys that I press.
6. It seems that computers are not making us stupid, but they are making us lazy.
7. People use computers to save information and to organize it.
8. Please follow me.
9. She is a pretty girl.


1. preposition [page 57]
2. verb (auxiliary verb + main verb) [page 58]
3. conjunction [page 73]
4. verb (phrasal verb) [page 76]
5. noun [page 77]
6. conjunction [page 81]
7. conjunction [page 82]
8. verb. [page 93]
9. adjective


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