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April 26, 2010

Reminder about Attendance

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On the first day of class, I carefully went over my syllabus with you.

Let me remind you about my attendance policy.

10%: Attendance

– 12 hours absent = Fail (F)
– 3 lates = 1 absent
– 20 minutes late = absent

– using cell-phone = late
– forget pen/pencil, textbook, notebook, or folder = late
– sleeping in class = absent

* 4 Acceptable Excuses for Absences (all require documentation):

1. went to the hospital

The Korean word 병원 can be translated as “hospital” or as “clinic”/”doctor’s office.”

If you have a cold or the flu, you go to a clinic/doctor’s office.

If you have cancer or a knife in your chest, you go to the hospital.

I only accept going to the hospital.

2. family member died

3. military service (e.g. physical examination)

4. You have a job already (not a job interview or a job offer).

* Unacceptable Excuses for Absences:

– everything else

You will not be excused for any reasons except for the four that I described before.

For any other reasons, you have to discuss with me after class.

Also, if you are late, you must make sure that I mark you “late” and not “absent.” Is it your responsibility.


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