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November 19, 2014

Dates for Presentations and Appointments for Final Speaking Test

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Find your class number.


Class 26

Thursday, December 4, 11:00  Written Test #2

Tuesday, December 2
9:00 Group 6: Winter Sports
9:25 Group 5: Naval Architecture
10:00 Group 7: Our Hometowns
10:25 Group 8: Mongolia

Thursday, November 27
11:00 Group 4: How to be an “Early Bird”
11:25 Group 3: Amusement Parks

Tuesday, November 25
9:00 Appointments for Final Speaking Test
10:00 Group 2: “Healing” (Konglish meaning)
10:25 Group 1: Student Housing

Class 56

Wednesday, December 3
9:00 Group 6: World Alcohol
9:25 Group 4: Japanese Culture
10:00 Written Test #2

Monday, December 1
11:00 Group 2: UNESCO
11:25 Group 7: Famous Korean Movies

Wednesday, November 26
9:00 Group 8: Gambling
9:25 Group 3: World Tour
10:00 Group 5: Tea of the World
10:25 Group 1: Wearable Devices

Monday, November 24
Appointments for Final Speaking Test

Class 86

Thursday, December 4, 12:00  Written Test #2

Monday, December 1
1:00 Group 7: Festivals
1:25 Group 6: Useful Skills When Dating
2:00 Group 5: Scuba Diving
2:25 Group 8: Pollution

Thursday, November 27
12:00 Group 3: Guinness Book of World Records
12:25 Group 1: World Alcohol

Monday, November 24
1:00 Appointments for Final Speaking Test
2:00 Group 4: Good Restaurants Near Inha
2:25 Group 2: Review of “My Bride, My Love”

Class 116

Friday, December 5, 11:00
 Written Test #2

Wednesday, December 3
1:00 Group 2: The “Rubber Duck Campaign for Peace”
1:25 Group 4: Is there music that impresses you?
2:00 Group 5: Global Amusement Parks
2:25 Group 6: Seoul’s Hot Spots

Friday, November 28
11:00 Group 3: About Fashion Styles
11:25 Group 1: Divination: Do you trust it or not?

Wednesday, November 26
 Appointments for Final Speaking Test

Class 146

Friday, December 5
1:00 Group 1: Introducing Our Major
1:25 Group 7: Tasty Food of Inha University
2:00 Written Test #2

Tuesday, December 2
12:00 Group 5: Famous Movie Directors
12:25 Group 8: Inha University’s Interesting Places

Friday, November 28
1:00 Group 6: Festivals
1:25 Group 3: Delicious Restaurants Near Inha University
2:00 Group 2: The Walt Disney Company
2:25 Group 4: Non-summit

Tuesday, November 25
Appointments for Final Speaking Test


November 16, 2014

Japanese Culture

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* parts of first draft were plagiarized

1. Class #56, Group 4, 조정현, 이아영, 나카무라 사키, 최유락

2. Glossary
transportation : a facility consisting of the means and equipment necessary for the movement of passengers or goods
brew : drink made by steeping and boiling and fermenting rather than distilling
animation : the making of animated cartoons
rock : a genre of popular music originating in the 1950s; a blend of black rhythm-and-blues with white country-and-western
provincial : characteristic of the provinces or their people

3. Text
Our presentation is about Japanese Culture.
First topic is transportation. There are many kinds of transportation. There is a high speed train similar to Korea’s KTX. Its name is SHINKANSEN[1].


Its maximum speed is about 280km/h but it’s safer than other kins of high speed trains. And Japanese subway is so complex. There are many kinds of express lines and normal lines. Subway lines connected to all train lines. Japanese taxis are very expensive. Basic charge is 700yen~800yen(7000 won) and after 10PM 20% more charge is imposed. Surprisingly, it has an automatic door. When passenger get off the taxi, drivers open the door.

Second topic is Japanese Sightseeing. Osaka, the second largest city of Japan, is only two and a half hours from Tokyo by Shinkansen. OSAKA is a city on creating a unique culture. In particularly the unique food culture of Osaka has prospered. You know that Takoyaki, Okonomiyaki are the food of Osaka.


In addition Osaka used a provincial accent. For example “love” the word in Japanese is “aishiteru” but Osaka people use “aishitende” . Japanese men like a woman who uses Osaka a provincial accent. [2]

Third topic is Japanese popular culture. First, Japanese animation.


Japanese animation is very famous in the wowrld. Japan was investing to anmation long time. consequently , japan is top country of the world in animation. Major Work is “The Spiriting Away Of Sen and chihiro”. This movie won in “ACADEMY AWARDS”.[3] I very impressed this movie. Second, Japanese popular music. Japanese popular music based on rock. I love to it. because I playing bass guitar in band. I love to japanese rock’s soft sound like a “L’Arc-en-Ciel”. Listen to L’Arc-en-Ciel’s “drivers high”. This music very good for me.

Last topic is Japanese food. There are many kinds of Japanese food. Typical food of Japan is Susi. Susi is a food covered with fish, egg, or laver over rice mixed vinegar. Susi is famous all around the world.[4] Another food is Ramen. Ramen is a noodle food. When
make Ramen we use noodle, soup brewed pork, green onoin, boiled egg. There are many kinds depending on local. Typical Ramens are Soyu Ramen, Miso Ramen and Donkots Ramen.[5] Last food is Tempura. Tempura is a food fried seafood, vegetable. Typical materials are shrimp, squid, eggplant, sweet potato, chili, pumpkin. But materials are not limited.[6]

4. References



5. Discussion Questions
– Do you know about Japanese Culture?
– What is your Favorite Japanese food? Why?
– Are there any places in Japan that you want to go to?

November 7, 2014

Tasty Food of Inha University

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class: 146, group: SEVEN, member; 12143915 안지혜

I found a places that have tasty food neer Inha university.
(1). 닭살부부


This place is rotisserie chicken and pork neck are popular menu items. Especially it’s grilled pork neck is famous. Really, soft and chewy texture because it is roosted with electricity. it is baked on the grill you can eat it in the warm condition for a long time.
location is…..
(2). 봉실봉실


You think balance of chicken and 떡볶이(stir-fried rice cake)? The taste is better than we thought. If you don’t hurry that food will be sold-out because direct curring and cook for ourselves in restaurant. Chicken is so crunchy that great chewy texture and it was not oily dipping 떡볶이 sauce
Location is… tip : Rice and sauce mix is very well
(3). 탕공


this place is a new chinese restaurant. the present, famous of student because good price and amount food. particularly sweet and sour pork is recommended. It’s is crunchy texture because of fried sweet rice and pork. All menu items highly recommend!
Location is… Tip: personally, creb meat fried rice is sooooooo delicious.

Q. what is your favorite restaurant near INHA Unv.?
Q. Have your ever been in this place?
Q. What kind of menu items the most delicious food?

Introducing Our Major

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Class 146.
GROUP 1. (12143899 이병관. 12143890 이소미. 12143886 김하정.)

Our presentation is about ‘Introducing Our Major, Visual Communication Design.
We study in the 서호관 building, which is next to the 5호관 building.
We have four main professor in our major.
First profesor is 강현주 professor.
She teaches ‘History of Design’ and ‘Local social of Design’.
Second professor is 조영민 professor.
He teaches ‘Identity Design’.
Third professor is 주마나몽 professor.
He changed his name. Beacause He loves Animation so much.
This name means ‘Animation’ in Chinese
Final professor is 성상희 professor.
She teaches ‘English for Design’, which speaks taught in English.

Now, We will introduce about First year classes.
First, ‘History of Design’ is a theory class.
This class is basic for Design, so very important class.
Next classes are practical classes.
First practical class is Drawing.
Drawing is basic for art.
We draw nude croquis this class, which involves nude models

드로잉 모음

Second practical class is ‘Illustration’

일러스트 모음

Illustration is the harder Drawing class.
The goal of this class is to show our creativity and self processes.
Class topic is our stories that’s show our works.
Third practical class is ‘Principle of Design’

디원 가구만들기

We learned similar Design company’s work in class.
We used to photoshop and illustrator program.
Final practical class is ‘photo and moving&still’, which is we study standard technique of take a picture and moving effect over the moving program over moving effect.

Finally, we will intruduce about exhibition.
First exhibition is a project exhibition.
This exhibition is all student participate withal homework.
This time exhibition is 비룡plaza 6 layer when November 24~ November 29.
Second exhibition is graduation exhibition.
This year graduation exhibition open in GangNam 루미나리에 gallery.
We finish ppt before see the VCD introduce movie.
Let’s see!!!

Thank you

Q. Do you understand VCD?
Q. Do you want major meeting with our major student?
Q. Do you want VCD friends?


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1. Class #146, Group #6, group members’ names: 한승미, 박성하, 김연정, 장은주

2. Glossary
1) festival: a series of special events, performances, etc that often takes place over several days
2) kiosk: a small building with a window where things like tickets or newspapers are sold
3) global: relating to the whole world
4) charcoal: a hard, black substance that is produced by burning wood without much air, and that is used as fuel or for drawing
5) specialty: a product, skill, etc that a person or place is especially known for

3. Text
Our presentation is about festival. There are many festivals. However, we have 3 large ones. First, we will introduce university festivals. Recently, we had a university festival.

Inha university festival

We saw Girls day and Yoon-ha. We saw not only idol groups but also opened alcohol kiosks. Many students drank alcohol and went to club party. Second, we will introduce global festivals. This year, ‘Global Music Festival’ was held in Seoul and ‘World cup of soccer’ was held in Brazil.[1]

Brasil world cup photo

Many people enjoy these festivals. A few days ago, October 31, was Halloween!

Holloween photo

Halloween represent the United States, many westerners enjoy this festival. It is a festival which people enjoy with ghost and monster make up, many people enjoy Halloween together in Hong-dae’s main street. There is another famous global festival in October. It is ‘Oktoberfest’ which is held in Germany.[2] Oktoberfest is the largest beer festival in the world, and it is also one of the three largest global festivals. In Korea, a beer company releases a special edition to celebrate this festival during this season every year since 2009. Besides university and global festivals, there are local festivals. People make an effort at energizing local festivals because if the local festival is launched successfully, it can help the local economy. Sutbulgui Festival and Boryeong mud festival are famous for being typical local festivals. Gwangyang Sutbulgui festival is held October every year in Gwangyang.[3] It is tasteable festival with the charcoal-broiled beef for which Gwangyang is noted. During the festival, a variety of restaurants sell charcoal-broiled beef, broiled eels, and other various foods that are famous in Gwangyang. Boryeong mud festival is a festival where you can enjoy massages and various kinds of games using Boryeong’s specialty, mud.[4] It is a tourist experiential festival so visitors can have a broad variety of experiences. The festival is held around the middle of July every year since 1998.

4. References
2014 FIFA World Cup – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

5. Discussion Questions
1) Did you had fun during our university festival this year? Why or Why not?
2) Do you know other global festivals?
3) Who’s your favorite soccer player who participated World Cup this year?
4) Did you experience other local festivals?

Inha University’s Interesting Spots

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1. 146, 8, 김민혁, 위현민, 김태양

(1) Spot : (n) A place.
(2) Clinic : (n) A place where people go for medical treatment or advice.
(3) Treatment : (n) Something that you do to try to cure an illness or injury, especially something suggested or done by a doctor
(4) Echo : (v) If a sound echoes, or a place echoes with a sound, you hear the sound again because you are in a large, empty space
(5) Machine : (n) A piece of equipment with several moving parts that uses power to do a particular type of work

3. Our presentation is about “Inha university’s interesting spots”.
There are many interesting spots in Inha university.
First spot is “비룡 plaza” that has hair shop, clinic, video room in library.
Hair shop has a long history in Inha university.
The shop is cheaper than other hair shops.
But the place’s hair designer is old man.
So he cuts our hair too much army style.
Next place is a clinic that gives simple treatment on free, if you are student in Inha university!
The other place is library.
The place has many book, and DVDs.
And we can watch DVDs in the library, because the library has video rooms.
Video rooms are cozy and comfy.
Second spot is “하이데거’s forest” that has many beautiful places.[1]


하이데거’s forest has different sights to see each season(spring, summer, fall, winter)
Next to the forest is “울림돌” which is stone.
This stone makes an echo.
And Air plane is “Couple tree”.
Couples sit on the tree if they can sit there, they are a good couple.
[2]Third spot is “인경호”.


At “인경호”, there are ducks.
There ducks are had secret story.
They are machine. very shocking! I’m kidding!
[3]Finally spot is “나빌레관”.


It is a collection of circles!
Many circles in Inha university is had to “나빌레관”
If you want join to anything circle, you go to “나빌레관”.

[3]taken photo,

(1)What your favorite place in Inha university? Why?
(2)How about think of “인경호” condition?
(3)Do you went to “울림돌”? How about feel it?

Famous Movie Directors

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1. Class # 146 / Group #5 / 12112368 이재만 / 12111845 문손휘 / 12112983 오승현

2. Glossary

. * director : someone who tells the actors in a film or play what to do:
* trilogy : a series of three books, plays, etc. written about the same situation or characters, forming a continuous story
* material : documents, recorded information, etc. that are used for a particular activity
* science fiction : books, films, or cartoons about an imagined future, especially about
space travel or other planets
* intention : something that you want and plan to do

3. Text

-Famous Movie Directors-

Our presentation is about movie directors.

There are many movie directors, but we divided our presentation into two kinds of directors :
Korean directors and other countries’ directors.

First, we will introduce the Korean director, Bong Jun-Ho.
His movies are ‘monster’ and ‘Snow piercer’.


The other director is Park chan-Wook.
He directed ‘JSA’, ‘Old-boy’ and ‘Stoker’.
The movie ‘JSA’ made him a famous director in Korea, and the movie ‘Old-boy’ made him a
worldstar because it won the grand prize at the 2004 Cannes film festival. [1]

Let’s introduce other countries’ directors.
You know the famous movie ‘Avatar’.
It was made by ‘James Cameron’.
He made the classic movie ‘Titanic’.

‘Peter Jackson’ likes monsters and fantasy, so he remade ‘King kong’ and directed ‘The lord of the rings trilogy’.
The lord of the rings made many fantasy fans. If you like science fiction movies, you would have heard this name “Steven Spielberg”.
He changed our idea of aliens through his movie ‘E.T’.
Also, he made image of dinosaurs in the movie ‘Jurassic Park’.
This movie increased the quality of computer graphics.
The development of CG made many interesting movie and famous movie directors.


Christopher Nolan has been a director since the 2000’s with the movie ‘memento’.
Many people who watched ‘memento’ was so surprised because of the material of the movie :
Memory loss. [2]
He has become known since he made ‘The Batman trilogy’ and ‘Inception’ in korea.
The movie ‘Inception’ is a science fiction movie which has interesting material about dreams.
The famous movie actors, Leonardo Dicaprio and Watanabe Ken appeared in this movie.
The most attractive thing of this movie is CG scene. [3]
The scene in which the city of dreams folded show that director’s imagination is transformed into visuality greatly.
Also, not only visuable things, but also the story is good because of 7 open endings. [4]


Hundreds of movies are annually screened. The scenes of films involve director’s ideas, philosophy and intention.
Maybe you like actors and stories of films, but how about being interested in the directors who command the film ?

4. References
[1] :
[2] :
[3] :
[4] :

5. Discussion Question

– Q1. What is your favorite movie? Why?

– Q2. Do you know any movie directors? Do you like him or her? Why?

– Q3. Why do you think that people are not interested with movie directors?

About “Non-summit”

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Class.146, Group 4

12142903 박다운
12132165 김은희
12132216 이희준
12132212 이혜지

Our presentation is about Non-summit. This is a recently-popular Korean entertainment program on JTBC. They discuss about various subjects every monday.[1] For example, when discussing about working moms, There are two contrasting opinions. One of them : mom may work and nurture simultaneously. Another is that mom has to be devoted to nurturing. When discussing about cellphone-holics, that is a bad habit or as time goes on it is a natural change.


This program consist of 3 Korean MCs, 11 foreign panelists and 1 Korean guest. 3 MCs are announcer Jeon Hyeon Mu, comedian Yu Se Yun, and singer Sung Si Gyueng. 11 panelists are as follows : He is Takuya, a member of boy group Cross Gene. He is from Japan. He is an academic chinese teacher, Zhang Yu’an. He is from China. He is Guillaume, a progamer in his 20’s. He is from Canada. He is Sam , a broadcaster. He is from Ghana. He is Enes, a movie actor. He is from Turkey. He is Julian, a broadcaster. He is from Belgium. He is Robin, a broadcaster. He is from France. He is Alberto, a bussiness man. He is from Italy. He is Daniel, a bussiness man. He is from Germany. He is Daniel, a model and from Australia. He is Tyler, a graduate student and he’s from U.S. [2]
This program has many benefits for panelists and viewers. Many panels made comercials such as, 8seconds, Subway and so on.[3] Through this, they earn much money. And they are increasing awareness by being reported on magazines.[4] Specially, Enes and Julian were broadcast on another entertainment program. In addition, viwers can know about another country’s culture, and a variety of opinions from other foreigners. Also This program can promote Korea to foreigners. For example, we can see this program translated into other languages on You tube.


However, it also has a few problems. First, There is an imbalance of opinion for two reason. Above all, panelists have imbalance of appearance time. Enes and Julila n appear long periods of time, while Guillaume and Daniel from Australia has less appearance time. Also, now there are more panelists that are from western countries than eastern countries. So viewer listen to more progressive opinions than conservative opinions. After all, we can not help listerning to biased opinion. Besides, recently this program is making a big issue, when Japanese guest appeared a song called Kimigayo was played two times which means that it was not simple mistake.


because this song symbolizes the militarism of Japan, which is similar to the Nazism of Germany[5], after liberty day of Korea, this song has never been played. some people don’t think seriously about this problem, with this problem, we know that we are not interested in history, so people have to be aware of this problem’s seriousness

● Glossary

-Nurture : you care for a young child or a young plant while it is growing and developing.
-Biased : favoring one person or side over another.
-Progressive : favoring or promoting progress
-conservative : resistant to change
-Militarism : a political orientation of a people or a government to maintain a strong
military force and to be prepared to use it aggressively to defend or promote national interests.

● References

Non-Summit Homepage

-Wikipedia [1]

-Naver blog [2]

As Non-Summit have broadcasted, What are benefits you think except what we said?

As we said, What do you think about subject working moms?

Do you think Non-Summit should be abolished or not abolished, why?

Hidden best taste house and menus around Inha University.

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Forgot to add: Class #146, Group #3 (and out of place)

12091255 박다성
12092432 윤미진
12100696 박종익
12143532 이현정

Hidden best taste house and menus around Inha University.
How many best restaurants do you know?
We will recommend you guys the best restaurants sorting by 5 different tastes.


1st taste: Sweet taste
[1]Do you guys know ‘Very Donut’? It is around Inha gas station.
The merit of ‘Very Donut’ is that they bake new donuts day by day, but donuts are all sold out by afternoon.

2nd taste: Sour
[2]You guys must have ever been to Caffe Bene.
What menus did you order?
We will introduce you guys the hidden menu.
The hidden menu is called ‘Real Vita Tea.’
Real Vita Tea is a tea that is made of grapefruit, lemon and lime.
This drink has full of vitamins included so it is great for our health.

3rd taste: Salty
Do you like Japanese noodle?
I will introduce the best Japanese noodle restaurant.
[3]This place is called ‘San Jjo me(산쪼메).’ ?(Japanese)
Noodles are a little salty that you can feel the Japanese taste.
There is a menu called ‘Jumbo Ramen’ which is a huge noodle.
I recommend you to go there when you are very hungry.

4th taste: Spicy
Even there are some people who don’t like this food, but since I find it very tasty, I will recommend this food called ‘Jokbal(족발).’
The restaurant is called as ‘Jok-Sarang(족사랑).’
This place is near Catholic Church around Inha University.
They grill jokbal like barbeque.
It is very tasty, but you get addicted to that spicy taste.

5th taste: Bitter taste
Do you know a place called ‘연꽃마을(yeon-kkot-maeul)?’
They sell unique drinks.
They sell drink called Bamboo liquor.
Bamboo liquor has bamboo taste.
It is located near Inha Glasses Store.
When you get bored of soju and beers, you are highly recommended to go there.

1.have you thought about the food cost ofrestaurants located in Inha university’s back_gate?
how can they make and provide very cheaply compared whth other restaurants?

some restaurants use low quality ingredients to maintain
reasonable price so we have to consider seriously before seduced by their sugar-coated price of foods

2.what do you think about “reuse of foods”?


several years ago, some restaurants of inha University were issued because of “foods reuse problems”
this problem is clearly illegal, but it was done continuely to save and reduce prime costs many students who don’t know about this fact visit that restaurants frequently

3.what is the concept of ‘real restaurant’?

we think that ‘real restaurant has to have not only good taste but also good
that restaurants will be trustworthy and must loved by all student’s of inha University
do you have your own hidden restaurants?


1. recommend :
B1 to say that someone or something is good or suitable for a particular purpose:
Can you recommend a good wine to go with this dish?
She has been recommended for promotion.
B2 to advise someone that something should be done:
The judge is likely to recommend a long jail sentence.
[+ that] The report recommended that tourists avoid the region.
The recommended dose is two tablets every four hours.

2. include :
A2 to have something or someone as part of something larger or more general, such as a group, price, or process:
His books include the best-selling novel ‘The Foundling’.
The price includes flights and three nights’ accommodation.
› to allow someone to take part in an activity:
[often passive] Local residents were included in the initial planning discussions.

3. several :
some; an amount that is not exact but is fewer than many:
I’ve seen ‘Gone with the Wind’ several times.
Several people have complained about the plans.
Several of my friends are learning English at language schools in Cambridge.

4. ingredient :
a food that is used with other foods in the preparation of a particular dish:
The list of ingredients included 250 g of almonds.
B2 one of the parts of something successful:
Trust is a vital ingredient in a successful marriage.

5. maintain :
maintain verb [T] (CONTINUE TO HAVE)
B2 to continue to have; to keep in existence, or not allow to become less:
The army has been brought in to maintain order in the region.
We have standards to maintain.
Despite living in different countries, the two families have maintained close links.
The film has maintained its position as the critics’ favourite for another year.
maintain verb [T] (KEEP IN GOOD CONDITION)

B2 to keep a road, machine, building, etc. in good condition:
A large house costs a lot to maintain.
The roads around the town have been very poorly maintained.

About the Walt Disney Company

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1. Class 146 / group 2 / Members’ names 임문수, 공성욱, 오승택 and 김형철
2. Glossary
– take over (phrasal verb) : to get control of something
– distributor (noun) : an organization that supplies goods to shops and companies
– expel (verb) : to make someone leave a school, organization, or country
– address (verb) : to speak or write to someone
– mystique (noun) : a quality of being special in a mysterious and attractive way
3. Text

Hi everyone. Our presentation topic is about Disney Company

Picture 1

Almost all people know what Disney is. But they don’t know well about history of Disney. In early 1923, Walt Disney and Roy Disney who are brothers established animation studio. In the same year, the animation studio created a short film named “Alice’s Wonderland” that is the first film of Disney Company.
At first time, the studio name was not “The Walt Disney Company” but “Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio”. In 1986, the studio name was changed to “Walt Disney Productions”. [1]
Disney Company has produced 53 movies from 1923 to 2014. Disney Company doesn’t make movies only. They started from animations, now they have a lot of field such as radios, music, online media, drama and publication etc.
Today, the Disney studio is one of the biggest studios in Hollywood, because Disney Company takes over a lot of other companies such as Marvel Entertainment and Lucasfilm Etc. [2]


Picture 2

Do you know ‘The Lion King’, ‘Tarzan’, ‘Tangled’, ‘The Little Mermaid’ and ‘Frozen’? These are animation movies madeby Disney. Today, Disney is one of the most famous animation film distributors. Now, I’ll introduce some Disney movies that will make your heart warmly.
Do you want to build a snowman? As you know, that song is the part of ‘Frozen’. Frozen is an animation movie about princess Elsa and her sister Anna. Elsa has strange power that makes everything freeze. She doesn’t like her power because when she was young she hurt her sister Anna by her mistake. When Elsa grows up and be an adult, she goes to the coronation. During the coronation, she uses her power in front of everyone, by mistake. She doesn’t want to hurt anyone to her magic, so she gets away from there. Anna goes to Elsa for persuading her sister. Unfortunately, Elsa harms her sister again. Anna goes to small troll who knows magic well, and she heard how to defrost her heart and how control her sister’s power. The answer is ‘true love’. That movie’s true love is not man and woman’s love. They told us ‘True love’ is sacrificing us for other people.
‘Frozen’ scored the best-selling Animation Movie. This movie gathered $ 400 million in North America, and gathered $ 248 million in Japan. Including North America and Japan, they earned more than $1.3 billion profits. [3]
Second Movie is ‘The Lion King’. The Lion King is the story of ‘pride land’ and one lion who called ‘Simba’. His farther, ‘Mufasa’ is the greatest lion leader. Also, simba has uncle who called ‘Scar’. Scar doesn’t Like Mufasa, because Scar wants to sit on the throne instead of his brother. So, he makes a plan for killing his brother. After Mufasa was died, Scar became a king and Simba expelled in ‘pride land’ by his uncle. Simba wanders around desert and Fainting. He was founded by ‘Timon’ and ‘Pumbaa’.
(They also famous characters made by Disney. Even in some Animation, they are main characters!)
Anyway, Simba and his friends are come back to the ‘pride land’ for fighting his uncle and get back the throne.
‘The Lion King’ is most famous handmade Animation. This movie got prizes more than ten times. This movie also made for computer game and TV Animation programs. [4]

Disney Land

Picture 3

Disney Company has many special places such as Walt Disney world and Disney Land. Disney Land is one of the most popular theme parks. That was built by Walt Disney in 1955. Disney Land built why Walt Disney was bored normal theme park. First Disney Land is located California. Disney Land visits not only children but also adults. 70% of visitors are adults. Disney Land’s income is more than one trillion annually.
Disney Land is divided into as follows: Adventure Land, New Orleans Square, Frontier Land, Critter Country, Fantasy Land, Mickey’s Toontown and Tomorrow Land. Adventure Land has Tarzan’s treehouse and explores jungle. Frontier Land has big thunder Mountain Railroad, Mark Twain Riverboat etc. New Orleans Square has Pirates of the Caribbean and The Haunted Mansion. Critter Country has Splash Mountain. Fantasy Land has King Arthur’s Merry-Go-Around. Mickey’s Toontown has Mickey mouse’s house. Tomorrow Land has Space Mountain, Innovation, Star Tour etc. [5]
As time goes by many Disney land is built all over the world. Disney World and Tokyo Disney land etc. Disney World was built in 1971. Disney World’s scale is a hundred times bigger than Disney land. Disney World is located Florida. Tokyo Disney land was built in 1983. [6]

The Disney movies are famous for wonderful scenery, impressing story and also beautiful O.S.T. I’ll introduce some Disney’s O.S.T.
Firstly, ‘Tale as old as time’ by ‘Beauty And The Beast’. This song describes the relationship between Belle and the Beast. In the movie, the song shows how it has managed to transform them, allowing their friendship to grow.
The song made by Howard Ashman and Alan Menken was the recipient of several awards, including both the Golden Globe and Academy Awards for Best Original Song in 1991. [7], [8]
Secondly, ‘A whole new world’ by ‘Aladdin’. You might listen it, ‘a whole new world~’. This song is made by Tim Rice and Alan Menken. The song shows between Aladdin and Jasmine about the new world they are going to discover together while riding on Aladdin’s magic carpet.
It won many prizes. Academy Award for Best Original Song and Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song in 1992 and Grammy Award for Song of the Year in 1994. [9], [10]
Lastly, ‘Circle of life’ that is opening song of ‘Lion King’. The song made by Elton John and Tim Rice starts with Zulu vocals and expresses mystique of Mother Nature with ethnic pop. And orchestra performs grand and large scale music. [11]
Because of the movie’s impact, the song ‘Circle of Life’ has been being selected as the best Disney O.S.T. [12]

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5. Discussion questions
(1) Have you even seen Disney movies? How did you feel?
(2) What is your favorite Disney character? Why?
(3) If you were born again, what character do you want to be?

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