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March 18, 2013


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Correct the errors. Write the sentences again, correcting the errors.
The answers are colored in red.

What your name?
What is your name? / What’s your name?
What your major is?
What is your major? / What do you major in?
What is your hobbies?
What are your hobbies?
Where born? Where living now?
Where were you born? Where are you living now? / Where do you live now?
How many families do you have?
How many people are in your family?
Could you telling me about your family?
Could you tell me about your family?
Who is your best friends? How met your best friends?
Who is your best friend? / Who are your best friends?
How did you meet your best friend(s)?
Have you ever travelling other countries?
Have you ever travelled to other countries?
What countries you want visit?
What countries do you want to visit?
Have you ever a pet?
Have you ever had a pet?
What is your dreams?
What is your dream? / What are your dreams?
Anything you afraid of?
Are you afraid of anything?


Useful Language

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Complete the conversations by using the phrases on Page x of your text book, under “Getting help”.
The answers are in colored in red.

A: What do we have to do?
B: We have to do Exercise 3, Part A, on Page 3.

A: Can you spell “__” for me, please?
B: Sure. You spell it like this: __________

A: How do you say this word?
B: You say it like this: ” __________ “.

A: How do you say “__” in English?
B: In English, you say ” __________ “.

A: Do you mean __ ?
B: Yes, that’s what I mean. / No, I mean __________

A: I don’t understand. What do you mean?
B: I mean __________

A: I’m sorry. What did you say?
B: I said, ” __________ “

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